A House Divided….Collapsing Soon?

Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim, de facto head of PKR (source : therakyatpost.com)

Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, de facto head of PKR (source : therakyatpost.com)

The house that Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim (or more commonly referred to DSAI) built is in danger of collapsing. And no, it’s not the one that people come to refer to as Istana Segambut (literally translated as the Segambut Palace).

(Why is that referred to as a palace is anyone’s guess as palaces are for royal families, and DSAI, as far as I know, is NOT royalty. Even the Prime Minister’s official residence is call Sri Perdana. But i digress, as always.)

This house that DSAI built is called Pakatan Rakyat (PR or in English, loosely translated as the People’s Alliance) and is in danger of collapsing. Not that political observers did not expect it to happen. It was rather a matter of ‘when’.

Many a time has the house came in danger of doing just that. Collapsing that is. A house built where the common thread is the lust for power, and nothing else, surely would not last. As they always say, verily a house built for all the wrong reasons will never last.

Sorry, let me correct myself. There are other common grounds, as events involving the PR have shown over the years. The lust for power, the lust for rioting, the belief that they are above the laws of this blessed land, the belief that their demands must be met (no matter how ludicrous it may be), the belief that they alone are representative of the people of this nation we called Malaysia, and the penchant for self-righteousness where everybody else is wrong and only they are right and knows whats best for the country and the citizenry.

The Strange Bedfellows of PKR, DAP and PAS

The Strange Bedfellows of PKR, DAP and PAS

And now, the house that DSAI built is on the edge of the precipice. With the Spinmeister away on an enforced sabbatical as decreed by Malaysia’s Federal Court, the apex court of the land, the ‘glue’ is going to go dry and the creaking walls will soon be giving way, never mind the gardens and the kitchen sink.

The house that DSAI built, for whatever reason he and his minions might say, is made up of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR or literally, the People’s Justice Party), the Democratic Action Party (DAP) and Parti se Islam Semenanjung (PAS).

Separately, they are no match for the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN), who has in its current form as well as its previous form, the Alliance, ruled and administered the country ever since Independence in 1957.

But when DSAI put together the PR, they were able to not only challenge the BN but also in some states, defeated the BN and wrested control of the State Legislative Assembly. At the height of PR’s soon-to-be-shortened-life, they gained control and power in five out of the thirteen states namely Selangor, Kelantan, Penang, Kedah and Perak.

Well, PAS will argue that Kelantan was already theirs to begin with and that Selangor, Kedah, Perak and Penang came after the PR was cobbled together.

And now, when, as the song goes..’the end is near’, its maybe good to look back on the reasons why this house they called PR is on the verge of collapsing.

Where shall we begin? But first, a health warning as it can get pretty convoluted and thus not good for your mental health.

First there was the saga (can it really be described as a Saga) of the Kajang Move, which led to the debacle called the Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) Selangor Comedy Show. Somewhere along the way there was also another comedy show playing called the PKR Party Elections.

khalidibrahim(keadilandaily.com)In all this the victim is now the former Menteri Besar of Selangor Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, who everybody agrees has done no wrong as Chief Minister. His fault was to be the Chief Minister when its coveted by somebody else.

As for the biggest loser, well take your pick. The contestants are :-

(a) the newly elected State Assemblyman for the state seat of Kajang (hence the Kajang Move, geddit?) who resigned for personal reasons and in so doing put the vacated state seat on a silver platter to DSAI, who was thought to be a shoo-in for the state seat and thus a shoo-in as the newly minted Menteri Besar of Selangor. Or so he thought.

His (the newly elected and later to become the new ex State Assemblyman, and all within a few months) identity is best kept secret. He too would agree for what he did was embarassing and irresponsible enough as it is,

(b) DSAI, who is said to have wanted and then not wanted and later ‘reluctantly agreed’ to be the Chief Minister of the state. That is until he was disallowed to contest, where he then insisted on PKR’s party president contest in his place. Trouble is, the party president is also his wife which everybody knew.

(c) the parliamentary seat of Permatang Pauh in Penang especially those who voted for him during the last general elections who expressed their displeasure to him for even thinking of abandoning Permatang Pauh to be the new Chief Minister of Selangor. He placated them by saying that he won’t abandon them and all was well again. Or so they thought.

(d) the state seat of Kajang who thought they had an Assemblyman until they were told that he had resigned for personal reasons, and who were later told that DSAI would be their new Assemblyman only to be told later that he can’t contest and thus the new Assemblyman would be PKR’s party president who is also DSAI’s wife. That they all knew.

Dato' Seri Wan Azizah (sourced from keadilandaily.com)

Dato’ Seri Wan Azizah
(sourced from keadilandaily.com)

(e) DSAI’s wife and PKR party president DSWA (short for Dato’ Seri Wan Azizah) who initially said she was not interested to contest but later said she was interested and duly got herself elected as the new assemblyman for Kajang, and therefore, a shoo-in for the post of Chief Minister of Selangor. Or so they thought.

(f) And the last contestant is the people of the state of Selangor, who unknowingly and through no fault of their own (except to elect PR as the governing party) got played and taken for a ride, all for one man’s quest for power.

I did say it was pretty convoluted and all this while the party was having a party election.

The winner in all this is also the state of Selangor who discovered that their Sultan is a pretty fine and politically savvy ruler who has the welfare of his state and his subjects at heart. As are all Rulers, despite what some people might or have even said.

The debacle continued when the DAP and PAS then coming into the picture, with each taking different positions on the DSWA being the new Chief Minister of Selangor. PAS was not all amused with the shenanigans connected to the Kajang Move and questioned the need to replace the then Chief Minister, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim. They even went on record to oppose the nomination of DSWA as the new Chief Minister and wanted Tan Sri Khalid retained as Chief Minister.

DAP then went on record supporting the nomination of DSWA as the new Chief Minister to replace Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim as the Chief Minister.

The sacking of Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim as a party member of PKR, never mind being the treasurer of the party, was thought to ease the way for DSWA  to take the hot seat until PAS stated their stand, disagreeing with PKR and DAP.

HRH The Sultan of Selangor (sourced from selangor.gov.my)

HRH The Sultan of Selangor
(sourced from selangor.gov.my)

In all this going-ons, the role of the Sultan of Selangor was overlooked until it was discovered that the Sultan can decide who gets to be Chief Minister, regardless who it may be, for so long as the demands of the State Constitution are met.

The ramifications of the grab for the position of Chief Minister of Selangor was far-reaching despite the PR statements made by the leaders of the respective parties and DSAI himself.

The PAS party elections are coming soon and if last year’s PAS Muktamar (or General Assembly) was anything to go by, then PAS can look forward to a lot of blood-letting, especially with members of PAS’ leadership, PAS MPs and State Assemblymen who, despite being PAS members, seems to owe their loyalty and allegiance to DSAI rather to their party president, Dato’ Seri Hadi Awang (DSHA).

Dubbed ‘Anwarinas’, the writing seems to be on the wall for the cleansing of the party’s leadership and representatives who does not seem to have the party’s interest at stake but rather DSAI’s.

DAP too seems to have problems of their own. All is quiet on the RoS front on the issue of the party elected leadership and the directive of re-conducting party elections.

That and their positioning on the issue of the Chief Minister of Selangor which bordered on being insolent to the institution of the Sultan did not reflect well on the party especially when it comes to debunking the notion that they are anything but a multiracial party. It has also showed itself to be a party who has no respect for the institution of the Malay Sultans.

Karpal Singh (sourced from astroawani.com)

Karpal Singh
(sourced from astroawani.com)

The passing of the late Karpal Singh, Member of Parliament, Chairman of DAP as well as the family head in a traffic accident was a big loss to DAP as there is no one of stature big enough to challenge and negate the Lim father and son grip on DAP.

The fact that the late Karpal’s family comprises of mainly lawyers who also double up as members of the Malaysia Parliament as well as members of at least two state Assemblies should also be noted. It is significant.

Whereas the passing of the much respected Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat, MP, former Chief Minister of Kelantan and spiritual leader of PAS, left a big void in PAS politics. Or so it seems.

But the fact of the matter is that his legacy and baton has been passed on to his son, Mohamad Abduh, who also happens to be the MP for Pasir Mas.

Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat (sourced from Astroawani.com)

Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat
(sourced from Astroawani.com)

The straw that is now breaking the camel’s back is the recent tabling of Hudud Laws in the Kelantan State Assembly by the PAS state government.

Passed by the Assembly, PAS is now preparing to table it as a Private Member’s bill in Parliament. Whether it is going to be this sitting or the next sitting of Parliament, it remains to be seen.

But it is, with the reactions and the statements from the DAP leadership and rebuttals and statements from the PAS leadership, PKR is being caught in the middle with priorities mixed between family and party, the house that DSAI built is starting to crumble.

And all this started when three strange bedfellows decided to come together and demonstrate to the Malaysian public what a house that they build can be like.

If seeing is believing, should it ever come to the PR forming the Federal Government, then be prepared to move in with umbrellas, extra water storage tanks, a thick skin and ear plugs, for no amount of mortar can be used to cement the cracks in the house that they build.


Date : 28 March 2015


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