What Price Power?

Jalur Gemilang ..flying high and proud

Jalur Gemilang ..flying high and proud

What price is power? Is it so priceless that many a times the means to beget power are justified, one way or another, without due regard to the consequences?

Some even go further and glorify the means to justify the end, even if the means employed may be of such disrepute, that it cannot be morally justified even though it may be legally acceptable and agreeable.

Are the times so much achanging that in the struggle in pursuing an ideal, noble that ideal may be, morals and principles, intangible to start with, are deemed to be outdated and no more in vogue that they are slowly and surely being replaced with something deemed more tangible, like a piece of paper, inserted with metal films and securitized with watermarks, and resplendent in the colours that matter (green maybe?) with numbers that gives it value, complete with serial numbers.

The school of thought from days of barely a few decades ago espouses the value of conviction and passion in pursuing an ideal or upholding a principle, such ideals or principles considered gems and deemed perfect in a world of imperfections, and deemed worthy for such ideals or principles to be pursued until it is realized for the benefit of the community, if not all Mankind.

No rewards are expected, for the one and only reward lies in the satisfaction of realizing such an ideal, and the resulting contribution to making this world a better place.

In so saying, is power therefore the ultimate precious that all caution are thrown to the wind, where a deal with the Devil incarnate himself, whether in the shape of a human, a committee, an organization or whatever, is permissible as long as one beget what one desires.

But at what price?

The Dewan Rakyat (source : malaysia.gov.my)

The Dewan Rakyat
(source : malaysia.gov.my)

One’s soul? One’s dignity? One’s self-worth? Are these all worth the price of Man debasing himself, the price that must be paid just to achieve what he thinks he deserves, bestowing upon himself honours that he thinks should be accorded to him.

What ever happened to words like honour? Dignity? Pride? Sincerity?

The quest for power now is such that one’s faith, one’s heritage and one’s dignity are all fair game, sacrificial lambs for the greater good (to use the more than often abused phrase), for so long as that thirst, that ever unceasing thirst, for power is finally quenched.

But will that thirst ever be quenched?

Wise men from days of old say that power corrupts, absolute power destroys. And so, what if that thirst remains? What then? More power? More lambs to the sacrificial altar?

In light of what has happened over the last twenty years, such a scenario realising itself, may come sooner than later and before its gets too late, it may be in the best interest that all parties who have a genuine love for this country we called Malaysia, to pause and take a step back and look around.

To look around, and smell the roses, and re-learn the lessons from the days of old, when our parents and their parents before them and their parents before them, taught us that not all that glitters is gold, and dung (aka manure aka s**t aka crap aka VS) no matter how you camouflage it, is still dung, smell and all.

Re-learn all these lessons before it’s too late, for we, in the quest of more so-called democracy and freedom and human rights, may end up believing in dung, worshipping dung and worst, eating dung more than anything else.

When that happens, what then? Will it be too late to salvage the situation? Only Allah the AlMighty knows.


Date : 3 February 2014



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