Inver Brass – Does It Exist ?

Robert Ludlum (source :

Robert Ludlum
(source :

For those familiar with the works of that author extraordinaire (well, he IS one of my favourite authors), Robert Ludlum, the name Inver Brass conjures up images of a secretive and select and exclusive group of rich, successful and brilliant individuals, individuals who have achieved all that needs to be achieved and in search of a higher and altruistic form of service, sacrifices all interests of self, to be replaced with that of the country (read country as being the US of A), such service being for the common good of all, the common good being what is deemed as the common good by the select members of Inver Brass, non-partisan they may be but unelected nevertheless.

So select are the members of Inver Brass that all manner of connections, network and influence to open all doors, including that of the Oval Office, are within their capabilities. All these not with a view to peddle influence or connections, for that would risk exposure for as members of Inver Brass their identities must always be kept secret, but to achieve the collective goal of Inver Brass.

Well, that’s the theory. On the surface, the existence of an Inver Brass, where its members are so unselfish despite having all the opportunities and the advantages that life, both public and private, can offer them, is a very romantic notion, to say the least for it appeals to the idealist in all of us, to do good for all, with no expectation of a reward at all.

The Great Seal of the United States of America(source :

The Great Seal of the United States of America
(source :

However, a closer examination of the notion reveals something else, and that is as strong as is the basic desire to do good for all, so is also the basic desire to acquire and accumulate as much wealth and power available. The desire to be recognized as a person of influence, wealth and stature can be such an overwhelming stimulant or aphrodisiac, that the history of the world is littered with stories of leaders who overstayed their welcome so much so that a leader who voluntary gives up power is a rare breed indeed.

Some nations learnt their lesson the hard way. So scarred are these nations that the ensuing national paranoia imposes by way of legislation, a limit to the period a national leader can hold the seat of power at the apex of the country’s political pyramid. And these are elected leaders, mind you, leaders duly elected by the power of the people through the ballot box, directly or indirectly. If such is the case for elected leaders, what more for members of Inver Brass, if such an entity exist at all?

The election process of the President of the USA is often rumoured to be strongly influenced by the Freemasons, rightly or wrongly as are elections in nations where Catholics make up the majority, are rumored to be strongly influenced by the Vatican. As for the Freemasons, the ‘National Treasure’ films did not help their cause, what with identifying who’s who of the Freemason movement having the distinction of also being a President of the US of A.

National Treasure (source :

National Treasure
(source :

And should such an entity exist, would the deliberations of such an entity go beyond the borders of their own country and to beyond the borders of other nations of interest, strategic to the entity’s grand design? As like during the Cold War, when the interests of the main protagonists, the US and the now defunct USSR were mainly served by satellite nations and whatever scenario there is to be played are played out in those satellite nations. Just ask Cuba, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, West Germany, South Korea, Japan and what else have you.

As for Malaysia, such a scenario cannot be discounted as events that unfolded within Malaysia ever since the 1990s, starting with the regional financial crisis followed by the sacking of Anwar Ibrahim from all posts in the Federal government as well as in UMNO, the mainstay of the ruling Barisan Nasional, culminating in the re-drawing of the Malaysian political landscape after the 12th General Elections of 2008. It is too much of a coincidence to ignore, to say the least, even it was for only a decade.

ASEAN(source :

(source :

Within ASEAN itself, despite a public show of unity and camaraderie at ASEAN summits and conferences, the actions of some member countries do appear as if plotting or working against one another, most often than not seemingly at the behest of powerful non-member countries of the grouping. That being the case, it brings back memories of the good old days of the Cold War (which may make a comeback soon, in my opinion, but that’s another story).

Indonesia too has had more than its fair share of troubles, religious and communal, internally and externally. The continuous spat with Malaysia, fronted by a group of people is just an example. Just making sure there is always a reaction played out just outside the walls of Malaysia’s Embassy in Jakarta whenever there arises an issue is a full-time job. Just who is financing or sponsoring them, that’s a question we would all love to know the answer to.

And as in any country that is multi ethnic and multi religious, communal and religious hotspots exists within the country. And these hotspots rarely stay cold for long. That is unfortunate but also unavoidable, for there will always be bigots and there will always be hypocrites, in any country and in any language and in any religion.

If Inver Brass does exist in the real world and is not just a figment of Ludlum’s imagination, is the subjugation of the world’s various nations the agenda on the table? And is ‘democracy’ the prescribed prescription? If ‘democracy’, which ‘ala’ of a democracy are we talking about here?

The United Nations(source :

The United Nations
(source :

The notion of a select group of unselfish and benevolent but unelected group of men and women (and I am not trying to be politically correct here) making decisions ‘for the good of the country’ and even maybe ‘for the good of mankind’ is romantic but as earlier stated, the truth is that it can also be very frightening. The right to self-determination of peoples and of nations must never be infringed upon or hijacked by agendas not of that nation or people. So sacred is this right that it is embodied internationally as the United Nations, except that in the case of the United Nations, it somehow only applies to the State of Israel and not, either by design or otherwise, to the dispossessed Palestinians.

Maybe Inver Brass did exist and maybe it still does. But whether it does or not, the political and communal leadership of nations should always stop and ponder whenever there arise issues, issues which can lead to heightened tensions and wars between nations and between peoples, WHEN THERE WERE NONE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

It may just be theory but knowing the prize at stake, it is a theory worth looking into, for the sake of peace and security of future generations. As they say, truth is sometimes stranger than fiction, and in this case, it could also be more dangerous, to say the least.


Date : 9 December 2012



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