Enough is Enough

And so it has come to pass. April 28 2012 will be remembered as the day when anarchy and lawlessness tried to hijack Malaysia but lost out to civil society and the rule of law.

By whatever name it may cloak itself in, be it Bersih 2.0 or Bersih 3.0 or whatever, it is clear from events unfolding before, during and after the event, that the whole charade was orchestrated by the opposition alliance Pakatan Rakyat and its cohorts of like-minded NGOs, nevermind the presence of Ambiga and A Samad Said as so-called organizers.

The question that begs answering is, do they really think that the general public are that stupid?

It seems that the only people who did not know that the event will lead to lawlessness and trouble were the organizers themselves.

As for everybody else, including Pakatan Rakyat officials and their NGO cohorts, no one had any doubts what was to be the event of the day.

Isn’t this prejudiced thinking, you might ask? However, as everyone knows that Pakatan Rakyat is helmed by non other than DSAI. If we were to look at his track record, whenever he is seen at a rally (before he was cajoled to join UMNO and after his dismissal from UMNO and the Government), we will find that anarchy and lawlessness is a common theme in all of them.

Public property be damned. Rule of law be damned. Destruction is in. Anarchy is in. From the days when he was a student leader in the 1970s, to the time he was dismissed from UMNO and the Government in the late 1990s on to the 2000s, anarchy and lawlessness has never been far away.

And never far away is also a certain Hishamuddin Rais, making an appearance as a member of Bersih’s organizing committee. A film producer or so he claims and so reported by the media, he has always been known to be a staunch follower of DSAI eversince those ‘fun’ days in the 1970s.

It was understood that he was forced to take a long sabbatical in the 1970s, but was reported to be doing some sightseeing overseas in places like the old USSR, India and the United Kingdom.

Correct me if I am wrong, but the fact that he was in all these places was deemed to be miracle as he was not able to renew his Malaysian international passport after it expired. Or was it that he never had one issued to him. I really would love to know the actual story.

As age has a way of catching with the best of us, every organization must train their second liners, to the point they are capable enough to take over from the old timers.

Mayhem City is no different. The old timers would want to sit back and enjoy the view. A touch of Nero perhaps, watching Rome burn while playing the fiddle?

Unfortunately, due to something we called technological innovations called video cameras and mobile handphones, these second liners are now being charged with their Sifu in court for trying to do just what they were training for ie instigating mayhem.

As they have been charged in a court of law, let the law takes its course. Despite what anybody else might say, the Malaysian society is a civil society, governed by law and the people are basically law-abiding citizens who respect the rule of law.

So again, let the law takes its course and at the same time let the lawyers make their money.

DSAI and Co are a lawyers dream. It would be nice to see if the rumour is true ie several millionaires are created whenever DSAI is charged in a court of law. Maybe also an increase in the purchases of property and luxury cars as well. Unless they are paid in IOUs.

And as per track record, we should be prepared for a long trial. We may have seen two or three long telenovela series or Korean drama series, by the time the whole trial ends.

Bersih 3.0 organizers must be proud of themselves, seeing those pictures of students stomping on police personnel laying prone on the ground, jumping on police vehicles, doing damage to both public and personal properties and all these in the name of wanting free elections.

I wonder, would they be proud seeing all that if the people caught doing these acts happen to be their own children or in some cases, their own grandchildren?

But as always, participants of Bersih 3.0 can do no wrong. They are innocent of all these charges, because it’s all the police’s fault. It sounds so like a broken record that it’s not funny any more.

I do believe that police forces all over the world have the same duty ie to enforce the law and maintain law and order. Wasn’t that what they were doing? If the organizers of Bersih were to spread their gospel and do their stuff in foreign countries, would they expect to be treated with kids gloves? I don’t think so.

And all this despite the former Deputy Chairman of DAP and a former Penang-nominated Senator, Tunku Abdul Aziz, voicing out his disagreement and concerns with respect to Bersih 3.0.

A principled man, he was once so proclaimed when he joined DAP. And what was his reward for voicing out his disagreement? Not renominated to have his Senatorship extended (apparently he was offered a senior position at a think tank, and to be compensated generously at the think tank) and to be publicly admonished by the Secretary General of the DAP.

O please!

Tunku has now left DAP and by all accounts, good for Tunku. Now he can again smell the clean and fresh air.

So will they hold Bersih 4.0? I hope not. Please do not test the patience of civil society nevermind the state apparatus for maintaining law and order. Enough is enough. You want Bersih, get some detergents. Better still, buy some.


Date : 24 May 2012


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